We offer the best in equipment and personnel when installing your office furnishings. From our 18 foot 3 Ton delivery truck complete with power lift to our smaller cube delivery vehicles, we can support all size office furniture deliveries and installs within Alberta. In the past we have had as many as 15 furniture installers working on any given project to provide fast and thorough installation of your new office furnishings. We also have all the proper install tools to ensure safe & reliable installation of your furniture.  Looker also offers additional services such as move management & office furniture repairs. 

At Looker Office Furniture, the job is not finished until our customer is completely satisfied.


Product Quality

It is important to note that all the products Looker represents are quality commercial products with significant factory warranties.  You should expect these products to have the same look 5 – 10 years from now as they do when they are installed new.  We carry a range of product quality in the commercial office furniture sector from offshore laminate to high end stained desk products, as well as systems furniture and seating products in various price point ranges.

Feel free to search through our Website tabs to see many of our different product offerings or contact one of our professional staff to help you find a great office furniture solution for your office environment.

Product Warranty

All warranty issues will be dealt with promptly by Looker Office Furniture. At no time will a Looker Office customer have to deal with the manufacturer of the supplied products. Looker will also be responsible for the pick-up of any warranted items and the delivery of the new item.


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We needed to upgrade some furniture in our office, as well as add some new pieces. Tom was very helpful, coming out to see us, even letting us test out a couple of chair styles we had never tried before. Furniture is more than an office expenditure, it is about adding comfort and convenience to a busy office, improving the work environment. Looker understands this. If we had not tried out the new chairs we would have missed out. We also apprec…

Strategis Group LLP, Sylvan Lake

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